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Getting started with your Chat2Impact chatbot

New to Chat2Impact? Get off to a speedy start: learn how to create an account, style your chat widget, add content and get your chatbot widget up and running on your website.

Signing up:

First off, create an account!

After you have entered in your name and email address and chosen a password, you’ll be sent a verification link to make sure your email is the right one. We will send you an email with a verification link to the address you entered. Once verified you are good to go through the steps in the set up wizard. (the wizard shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to run through!)

The Chat2Impact Wizard set up steps:

Design your chat widget​

Style it the way you want 🙂

Chose a name, colour and layout to match your brand and style.

Add a welcome message!

Greet your users with a customised message before the your digital assistant is opened.

Easy to manage

Make changes, show and hide the widget and change its position on your website in seconds.

Adding content to your chatbot

Easily add content to your chatbot to help your users.

We have made it as easy as possible for you to add the content you want your chatbot to use to help users of your website. We have preloaded the clever chatbot understanding behind the scenes so that the chatbot knows what content to show based on the users inputs.

Pre-built Integrations.

Let your users contact you via forms, register for events, make donations and more, all within the chat widget.

Simple Integration Toggle

Use the toggle on each content area to make integrations active.


Allow donations via stripe, enable contact forms and add your events - all out of the box!

Going Live

When you’re happy with your chatbot, follow the simple steps to add it to your website.

Allow List

When you’re happy with your chatbot, follow the simple steps to add it to your website.

Add your website address (not specific pages, the main website address – ie.

Go-Live on your site

Paste the generate code after the </body> of your website. If you use WordPress, you can download this simple WordPress approved plugin: (don’t worry, it’s free – just use the ‘Add Snippet’ button once you have activated the plugin) to add it to your site – the plugin also let’s you choose specific pages on your website too, if you don’t want it on every page.

Bot Live Toggle

Use the ‘Live’ toggle to control the widget’s availability for users on your website.

Built in Insights / Analytics to track how your bot is being used.

We’ve added analytics into your chatbot so you have sight of how people are using it – from messages and conversations to donations made and event sign ups.

Jack O'Connell

Head of Growth

Amrit Chau-Singh

Innovation Delivery Lead

Get in touch to find out more or sign up here:

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